Residential Developments • Apartment Buildings • Single Family

Building Services Division

H. Pacific Construction is a full-service contractor providing superior value for every project through a commitment to client partnerships. We offer design and material suggestions on projects and joint projects of many sizes. Our team can build and/or remodel entire residential developments, apartment buildings, single-family dwellings, or just one room.

We specialize in family-friendly projects and preservation and conservation properties. Family-friendly properties are homes or commercial properties such as schools or daycare facilities where the needs of children must be considered during design and construction. Lower sinks, toilets and towel railings, avoiding hazardous materials, wider doorways and adjustable furnishings are just some childproofing options we can provide.

Preservation and conservation properties are construction projects that have historical significance. Typically these buildings need to retain architectural, cultural, historical or environmental relevance while avoiding deterioration.

Our many projects have included:

  • Agricultural properties and infrastructure
  • Apartment buildings
  • Beachfront properties
  • Condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • Performing Arts venues
  • Preservation and Conservation properties
  • Recording studios
  • Residential properties
  • Schools
  • Theatres

We use Gantt charting and CPM Scheduling to break a project down in chronological order and show start and finish dates per task. This gives you a detailed timeline for any project we undertake.